Delhi: Cyber ​​thugs looted Rs 7.79 crore from Kangra Cooperative Bank. Burglary For Three Consecutive Days – Delhi: Cyber ​​Thugs Loot Rs 7.79 Crore From Kangra Cooperative Bank

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Cybercriminals have withdrawn Rs 7.79 crore from the current account of Delhi’s Kangra Cooperative Bank. The bank has filed a police report. This fraud was done in three different transactions over three consecutive days. It started on April 19. The financial supervision of the bank is exercised by the RBI. In such a situation, even the top officials do not know about this fraud.

Sahdev Sangwan, Senior Manager (IT) of Kangra Bank filed an FIR with the Delhi Police in the first week of May. Sangwan has said in the complaint that Kangra Bank maintains a current account with RBI for banking transactions such as Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), National Automated Clearing House (NACH), National Electronic Fund Transfer, check system for its customers.

The bank has given a standing order to the regulator to transfer Rs 4 crore daily from current account to settlement account to facilitate RTGS and NACH transactions for its clients. At the end of the day or the beginning of the following day, the RBI sends an email to the bank detailing all the transactions that have taken place in the settlement account for the entire day.

Fraud case started on April 19: On April 20, 2023, when RBI sent details of all transactions made in the settlement account on April 19, Kangra Bank officials found that more than Rs 3.14 crore had been debited from the account. has been transferred from the settlement account to the current account. In the next two days, Rs 2.40 crore and Rs 2.23 crore were also transferred from the settlement account to the current account. A total of 7.79 crore was defrauded in this way in three days.

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