Delhi: Crores Fraud in the Name of Cryptocurrency Investments; The amount of counterfeiting went to China, Indonesia and Nepal – Delhi: Crores fraud in the name of investing in crypto currency

Delhi: Fraud of crores in the name of investment in crypto currency

Accused in custody…
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East district cyber police station has exposed a gang of cyber criminals by conducting a raid in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. The police have arrested three suspects in this case. The suspects have been identified as Pushkar Jat, Vishal Tank and Nitesh Mali, all residents of Chittorgarh. The accused used money to cheat money under the pretext of getting more profit by investing in cryptocurrency.

Apart from five mobile phones, three bank account kits, checkbooks and debit cards, the police have frozen Rs 20 lakh in a bank account belonging to them. The gang of suspects opened bank accounts and handed them over to foreign criminals who were in China, Indonesia and Nepal. In return, he received commission and a substantial amount of money. Transactions worth millions of rupees have been discovered in four to five bank accounts of the accused. The police question them.

Amrutha Goguloth, deputy police commissioner of the Eastern District, said that on April 21, a girl named Niti Tiwari, a resident of Mayur Vihar, had lodged a complaint of Rs 7.80 lakh cheating at the cyber police station. The victim said she had received a message on WhatsApp from an unknown number. It talked about working from home and was assigned to review several hotels on Google.

The victim fell into the trap of the suspect. For a few days, the villains sent money to revise the policy. After gaining trust, the victim was connected to the Telegram app. It was said that if she invests in crypto, she will make more profit. The victim invested Rs 7.80 lakh in crypto through an app called APK. Later, the victim’s telegram was blocked. The police have registered the victim’s complaint and have launched an investigation.

A team of ACP KP Malik, station-in-charge Inspector Anil Yadav, SI Talwinder Singh and others was deputed for the investigation. The police investigated the bank accounts to which the money had been transferred. During the investigation, the bank account of a person named Jitendra Rathore was found in Chittorgarh. The police reached him. He told that he had given his rental account to a person named Pushkar. On his tip, the police arrested all three suspects.

Foreign criminals take money to their country by converting it into crypto currency

The revelations of the three suspects caught by the police have blown the senses of the police officers. The accused said that foreigners residing in China, Indonesia, Nepal and other countries are converting Indian citizens’ hard-earned money into cryptocurrency and taking them to their countries. The job of their employees who are in India is just to open an account and hand over the operations to foreigners. Besides giving one lakh rupees to the gang members in exchange for a bill, foreigners also give one percent of the amount to fraud. The only condition is that the account must be active. The one day limit of transactions on the account should be one crore.

In many cities of the country, the gang members arrange current accounts and activate internet banking and hand it over to the accused. In addition, checkbooks and other items are also handed over from the account. The officer investigating the case said that a transaction of three and a half crores was discovered in an account belonging to the accused within a few days. An amount of more than 10,000 was transferred and withdrawn from this account. Checking the rest of the accounts also found transactions worth millions of dollars. The police across the country have appealed to people who are victims of this form of fraud to contact the police. After an initial investigation, many cases of similar cheating have emerged.

How did you work…

The investigation revealed that Nitesh Mali, who works in photography, arranges bank accounts. He further hands these bills over to Vishal Tank. Vishal is a second year BCA student. After taking over the account from Nitesh, he hands it over to the accused Pushkar Jatt. Pushkar hands over the details of those bills to the foreigners. His family owns a business selling tractor parts.

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