Delhi: ‘Counterfeiting affects economy’ notes Supreme Court at counterfeit belt sale hearing – Counterfeiting affects economy Supreme Court comments at counterfeit belt sale hearing

Delhi high court

Delhi Supreme Court
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The Delhi High Court noted that counterfeiting is a very serious matter, which has far-reaching consequences and has serious long-term consequences for the structure of the national economy. This was established by the court when dealing with a case involving a shopkeeper who sold counterfeit belts. In this case, the court ordered Louis Vuitton to pay five lakhs. If he does not, he will have to serve a prison sentence of one week.

Justice C Hari Shankar said it was a commercial evil that destroyed the brand value and duplicity with the trusting consumer. Counterfeit goods completely waive any right to fair compensation from a court acting within the limits of the rule of law. He doesn’t deserve sympathy. Courts must be economically and socially sensitive and send a deterrent message to others.

The court made the comment while ordering a Delhi-based shop owner to pay five lakh in damages to French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton (LV) for selling its counterfeit products. The court gave this direction when dealing with a trademark infringement application filed by Louis Vuitton (LV). The petition alleged that defendant Javed Ansari sold counterfeit LV products despite the September 2021 court order.

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