Delhi: Community Radio of Ramlal Anand College started, educational programs will be broadcast, internship will also be available – Delhi: Community Radio of Ramlal Anand College started

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A student presents the program…
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Hello… This is 90.0 MF radio wave. Don’t worry we are talking about Ramlal Anand College of Delhi University. The college has started its own mini-community radio. As a result, programs based on education, work and knowledge, and DU admission process can be heard up to 10 km. The college claims to be the only community radio in DU. Journalism students also get a chance to do an internship for a month on this community radio which is prepared at a cost of around 60 lakhs.

The special thing is that this radio is completely run by the students with the help of the college. In 2019, the college got the idea to start such a neighborhood radio. The process was delayed due to the Corona pandemic. Now it started last month on February 13 with the name Radio Tarang.

Coordinator of the Department of Hindi Journalism and Mass Communication at Ramlal Anand College, Prof. Rakesh Kumar said that behind the start of this is the thought of the principal of the university. Applied to the Community Radio section of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to start the radio.

It’s hard to get frequency in Delhi. But we still have 90.0 frequency. About 60 lakhs have been spent to operate the radio. It started in February this year after five months of hard work. The Executive Committee of the College has fully cooperated in this project.

Community Radio has a recording room, a discussion room, a voice editing room and a live broadcast room. Programs from other universities of applied sciences are also broadcast via this neighborhood radio.

DU’s own radio was running until five years ago.

Until five years ago, DU also had its own community radio station on 90.4 MHz. But it was closed after some time. The DU administration has begun efforts to revive the closed community radios.

Will also do internships with students from other colleges

As a result, students from other universities of applied sciences will also do an internship. prof. Rakesh said that internship is an essential part of the journalism curriculum. For this, students have to go to All India Radio or private channels. But seats are less in All India Radio. While private channels give less opportunities to external students. In such a situation, students can now also do an internship here. For this we will issue a certificate which will be valid.

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