Delhi: CM visits Bhalswa landfill, Kejriwal said – Garbage heap will end next March – Cm visits Bhalswa landfill in Delhi

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C. M. Arvind Kejriwal
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Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal visited the Bhalswa landfill site on Thursday. In doing so, he announced that by March next year, the garbage dump from Bhalswa will end. By December, 30 lakh metric tons of waste will be taken from Bhalswa landfill and all waste will be removed by March-April. From Wednesday, nine thousand tons of waste will be collected daily, which will have doubled by the end of March. He was accompanied by Urban Development Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj, Mayor Shelly Oberoi and Deputy Mayor Aale Iqbal.

On this occasion, Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the Bhalswa landfill has become a huge waste heap in the last 30 years. The rubbish of all Delhi comes here. The work to clean up this mountain of waste continues. On behalf of NGT, collection of household waste started from here in 2019. At that time, about 80 lakh tons of waste was present in the landfill in Bhalswa. As of the year 2019 till date, 30 lakh tons of rubbish has been removed while 50 lakh tons are still at the site. In about two and a half years, 30 lakh metric tons of waste has been removed, but now the target has been set to remove 30 lakh metric tons of waste by December and by March-April next year, the remaining 50 lakh metric tons of waste will be removed from the landfill. Now the waste disposal work is twice as fast.

He said separate arrangements have been made for the waste going to the landfill. Additional arrangements have been made for the disposal of this waste and it is being removed continuously. About 11,000 tons of waste is produced daily in Delhi. Of these, there is a scheme for the disposal of more than 8100 tonnes of waste. At the same time, around 2800 tons of waste are saved every day. To this end, work is being done in Okhla to increase the extra capacity of a thousand tons. To dispose of this waste, a 2,000-ton waste-to-energy plant is being built in Bawana, which will be ready in 2026. Until then, temporary arrangements have been made to clean up the new waste on a daily basis. Every day, 10,000 tons of waste are produced at the Bhalswa site and 2,000 tons of waste are disposed of every day.

Highlights of Bhalswa landfill

The Bhalswa landfill is a 28 year old site. It is spread over 70 acres. The height of this landfill was 65 meters from the ground. When the survey was conducted in 2019, there was found to be 80 lakh metric tons of waste. Since then, 24 million tons of new waste has been dumped at the site and 30.48 million tons of waste have been biomined there. During biomining, legacy waste is separated into three components: inert waste, construction and demolition waste and waste-derived fuel, the inert and construction and demolition waste of which is used to fill vacant lots in NHAI projects in and around Delhi. The fuel obtained from waste is used in cement factories, power stations and plastic recycling plants.

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