Delhi: Ceiling sword hanging on many properties in Sadar Bazar, all corporate organizations mobilized

sadar bazar

Sadar Bazaar
Photo: Sudarshan Jha


The sword hangs from the ceiling on many buildings in Sadar Bazar. According to the company, the Supreme Court’s Oversight Commission has ordered the investigation of the irregular property and has it sealed with immediate effect. In the context of this assignment, the MCD carried out an inventory of business premises in Sadar Bazar, in which a large number of premises have been designated as ‘misuse of premises’.

The process of notifying them has been initiated by MCD. The MCD said that after an investigation in the Sadar Bazar area, it was found that large-scale commercial activities are taking place in the homes here. He was given time to show the papers, but he couldn’t show the papers. After this, a notification to them was initiated.

MCD officials have taken a clear position on this issue. They say those who feel they have been wrongly terminated by MCD can go to court and challenge MCD’s action. According to the MCD, 16 unauthorized properties were sealed on Gali Jatwara and Shivaji Road on Thursday, which Sadar Bazar traders strongly opposed. The traders who took to the streets to protest were supported by the leaders of the BJP and Aam Aadmi party. There is every possibility of politics and heat on the issue of sealing.

According to the MCD, the sealing was carried out on the instructions of the Supervisory Committee of the Supreme Court. Senior MCD officials have said it is not right to oppose the road closure. Those who believe the sealing is unfair should legally oppose it. The sealing will be continued on the instructions of the supervisory committee.

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