Delhi: Cause of murder and suicide – Sushil was addicted to horse racing betting, millions were sunk and increased debt – Delhi: Case of suicide after murder of wife and daughter

Delhi : Case of suicide after killing wife and daughter

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Police in Shahdara’s Jyoti colony have received a letter in connection with the murder of wife and daughter by slitting their throats and hanging them. Written in pencil, it has been told that Sushil was addicted to betting on horse races. In this he lost millions of rupees. Police sources say the woman’s writing on the letter is told.

In addition to all the cellphones found in the home, police have sent food samples for FSL examination. In addition, the CDR of the family’s mobile phone is unpacked and examined. It is also being investigated whether someone harassed Sushil to repay the loan.

The autopsy of the bodies of Sushil, wife and daughter could not be done on Wednesday. The formation of a medical council has been recommended to the Delhi government. The autopsy is expected Thursday. The condition of Sushil’s son Yuvraj, who survived the incident, remains very critical. Throat surgery was done Wednesday and shifted to ICU. It is believed that due to the debt, Sushil came under pressure and carried out the incident. The police is investigating the case.

Here, the police officer who investigated the case told that a note written in pencil was found from Sushil’s house late in the evening. It was written that Sushil’s father had retired from BHEL Company in the year 2016. He had received about Rs 20 lakh. Sushil had taken this money and lost the whole amount through speculation. Apart from this, apart from selling his wife Anuradha’s jewelry quietly, he took loans from many people in the market. Now the situation had become such that the family hesitated to leave the house.

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