Delhi: Can the President’s rule be imposed in Delhi? The oldest party in the country has made this demand: the Congress party should impose the rule of the president in Delhi

Congress party should impose President's rule in Delhi

Delhi Congress President Chaudhary Anil Kumar
– Photo: social media


The Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee has demanded the imposition of the president’s rule in view of the deteriorating administrative system and government instability in Delhi. Said that due to the war between Aam Aadmi party and BJP over the transfer of administrative officers, an atmosphere of chaos has been created in Delhi. Instead of checking the administrative system, Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj threatens the officers with forced labour.

He further said that this is the first incident in Delhi’s history. When the Delhi ministers organized a sit-in at the residence of the Lieutenant Governor for the transfer order of the ex officio administrative officers of the Chief Secretary Services. Chaudhary Anil Kumar, president of the state congress, said the Delhi government should be sacked. The Kejriwal ministers are threatening the officers, even before that, on 19 February 2018, the Chief Secretary was summoned to a meeting at the Chief Minister’s residence and attacked. This case is in court.

Due to the dictatorial attitude, the agents live in an atmosphere of fear. Delhi residents are ignored. Due to the government’s inaction, the administrative system in Delhi has deteriorated. Therefore, the rule of the president in Delhi should be imposed. The right to exercise constitutional powers may only be exercised by the elected government within the framework of the democratic system. But the Delhi government is operating with a sense of vengeance. The real face has been shown to the people of Delhi. 80 percent of their MLAs face criminal and other cases and more than 6 ministers have been removed from their posts for corruption. While Satyendar Jain and Manish Sisodia are imprisoned for corruption worth billions of drink scams.

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