Delhi Budget: Delhi budget of Rs 78,800 crore showed big dreams, asked BJP – what happened to the earlier pledges

कैलाश गहलोत, वित्त मंत्री

Delhi Budget: Kailash Gahlot
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Finance Minister Kailash Gehlot presented Delhi’s budget of Rs 78,800 crore at Wednesday’s meeting. The budget is aimed at the development of Delhi and provides for measures to keep the capital clean, eliminate mountains of waste, build flyover hospitals, introduce new e-buses and provide employment for the youth. By setting a target of obtaining 25 percent of energy needs from renewable energy sources and improving sewage treatment, the government has indicated that it will take further steps in view of the environmental situation.

However, by cutting the health budget, the government has given the opposition an opportunity to criticize. BJP has said that Arvind Kejriwal started his politics by showing golden dreams, but none have been fulfilled so far. He also has little hope for this budget.

So far, Manish Sisodia presented the budget of the Delhi government. He has presented Delhi’s budget eight times. Kailash Gehlot, who became finance minister after his arrest on February 26, presented the ninth budget of the Aam Aadmi party government. In doing so, he has tried to maintain that direction, which has been the mainstay of Arvind Kejriwal’s politics. This budget also talks about improving Delhi’s education system.

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Manish Sisodia may not have technically presented this budget, but he almost completed the process of creating the budget before he was arrested. Perhaps this is why his direction is maintained in this Delhi government budget as well. The government has made education and health its first priority. The government has also promised to build nine new hospitals.

The way the government has set a target of getting 25 percent of Delhi’s total energy needs from the green energy sector can be said to be in line with the future challenges of the world and the promises made by India at COP 26, which will gradually A goal has been set to move gradually to renewable energy sources. Bringing new e-buses will also help clean Delhi and reduce pollution.

Will Kejriwal be able to set standards?

Garbage heaps have become the identity of Delhi. This is the cause of major problems all over the world. But countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Norway have shown that this huge problem can be tackled with the help of technology if the will is there. If the Kejriwal government succeeds in doing this, its model can help it gain popularity in the country, but failing to do so will open the door for new criticism.

BJP told white elephant

BJP leader Vijender Gupta, who was expelled from the House for a year for creating a deadlock in the Assembly, has said that the Delhi government’s budget is like a white elephant, which is shown off a lot and costs a lot of money to to maintain it. , but it makes no sense. He said that through corruption in every department, the government of Delhi has proved that the meaning of budget for it is completely different from other people.

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Vijender Gupta said that the budget has only been juggled with numbers. Arvind Kejriwal’s government should tell what happened to the promises it made in its first budget itself to arrange water in Delhi, clean up the Yamuna and open 500 new schools in Delhi. He said that the same Delhi government was not giving money to the companies a few days ago, but now it has talked about ending the heaps of rubbish by giving money to the companies.

He said that if the Delhi government had cleaned up the Yamuna during its more than eight years in office, its claim of eradicating the rubbish heap could have been trusted, but it has not. He said the condition of new pledges will be similar.

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