Delhi: BJP will bring the gifts from the center to the people, Santosh said

Delhi: BJP will take the gifts of the center to the people

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The state BJP executive meeting was held at the national headquarters under the chairmanship of state president Virendra Sachdeva. In this, the BJP state executive made a promise that it will bring to the people the gifts given to Delhi by the central government and the failures of the Kejriwal government. Will do mass movement against Aam Aadmi party. The people of Delhi are informed about the facts.

On this occasion, opposition leader Ramveer Singh presented the proposal, which was approved by MPs Dr. Harshvardhan and Manoj Tiwari. The resolution says that the Delhi government has failed on all fronts and is mired in corruption. The prime minister, who deceived the public by calling himself an ordinary man, spent billions of rupees on the beautification of his residence. The central government’s Ayushman Bharat plan should be implemented in Delhi as it has been implemented across the country. The Delhi government also failed to implement the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. The ‘One Nation One Ration Card’ scheme was only implemented by the Delhi government after pressure and rebuke from the court.

Chief Ministers involved in corruption are called in for questioning but do not even offer to resign, let alone resign. Sisodia is considered by the court to be the architect of the criminal conspiracy in the liquor scam. Satyendar Jain has also not been granted bail by the court due to his involvement in corruption. All departments including Health, Transport, Education, PWD of Delhi government have turned out to be failures. This executive branch condemns the government of Delhi. It is also cursed that after the painful death of a Dalit woman after being raped, she does not even have two words of sympathy, because the suspect’s name is Shakir Khan. Not only this, there is a serious water crisis in Delhi and the government is giving poisonous drink.

Will bring the plans of the central government to the people

The political resolution states that the Prime Minister has decided to make Delhi the best and modern capital in the world. In nine years, Delhi has received so many gifts from the central government that today this executive is proud of itself. The executive thanks the central government that a provision of more than 1.5 lakh crore has also been made for Delhi in this budget.

60 thousand crores for highways and 8 thousand crores for hospitals. Similarly, provision has been made of 10355 crore for Delhi Police and 7643 crore for DDA for public order. 4743 crore to NDMC, Rs 13 thousand for the fourth phase of Metro and Rs 3000 crore per annum on Delhi University, IGNOU, JNU, Jamia, Rs 3700 crore for pension scheme, Rs 450 crore per annum on Delhi Cantonment Board. Not only this, Rajpath was changed to Duty Path, as the decision to rename Rajpath reaffirms our commitment to serve the motherland.

AAP Threat to Delhi’s Healthy Body: Santosh

At the BJP executive meeting, BJP leaders lashed out at the Delhi government and praised the central government. BJP National Organization Secretary General BL Santosh said that a leader had created the image of an ordinary man in Delhi using illusions and lies, but in reality, corruption and anarchy was behind it, which made the Delhi BJP now has done to break .

Aam Aadmi Party is like a serious disease that has become a threat to the healthy body of Delhi. This disease must not become a threat to the country, we must take care of it and make a commitment to end it where it originated. In praise of the central government, he said that the country is reaching new heights today, but Arvind Kejriwal, who wore ordinary slippers in front of the world’s eyes, had to build a sheeshmahal for convenience. Santosh called on members of the executive branch to release all workers from May 30 to June 30 and go door-to-door to announce the results of the nine-year Modi government. Now let’s start for the 2024 and 2025 elections. Santosh said that the Modi government has raised the status of India in the whole world.

MP Saroj Pandey said there are no such allegations against the Modi government in nine years, leading the head of the party to bow. After completion of nine years of BJP government, the special public relations campaign is a public relations beneficiary, in which 15 lakh workers will gather. Apart from the central level team, there will be state, district and division teams.

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