Delhi: Attempt to Burn Alive Sleeping Woman Suspected of Conspiracy Against Husband, Investigation Continues – Delhi Attempt to Burn Alive Sleeping Woman

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An attempt has been made to kill a woman by burning her alive as she slept in the Bhajanpura area of ​​North East Delhi. The suspect set her on fire by pouring flammable material on her bed while she slept. Later, the latch was also installed from outside the room. The woman began to scream in pain. Somehow he extinguished the fire and alerted the police.

Police arrived at the scene, took him out of the room in critical condition and took him to hospital. The condition of the victim Imrana (30) remains critical in GTB Hospital. The victim claims that her husband and in-laws tried to burn her alive. Bhajanpura Police Station has registered a case in this regard and arrested the woman’s husband.

According to information, Imrana lives with her family in the Noor-e-Ilahi area of ​​Bhajanpura. In the year 2010, Imrana was married to a young man named Rahisuddin. Currently, Imrana has two children aged 10 and 12. It is alleged that Imrana was harassed for the dowry after a few years of marriage. He was attacked.

The matter increased to such an extent that Imrana, after getting tired of it, went to live in her maternal house. Relatives and relatives made an agreement between husband and wife by persuading them. Imrana had been coming back to her in-laws’ house for some time. It is alleged that after sending the children to school on Saturday, Imrana lay down on the bed in her room. Meanwhile, her husband put flammable material on the bed and set it on fire and sealed the room from the outside. When Imrana opened her eyes, she found herself surrounded by fire. But he did not lose heart. After extinguishing the fire, he called the police on his phone. The police arrived at the scene and took her to hospital in a scorched condition. Imrana’s brother Mustakim said that the police called him on Saturday morning and informed him about his sister’s burns. He immediately reached the GTB hospital. The sister was nearly 70 percent burned.

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