Delhi: Attacked a young man with a brick and took away the loot amount, Police arrested three miscreants – Police revealed the robbery in Jafarpur Kalan Area

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A drunk young man from the Ujjawa village of Jafarpur Kalan let his two friends loot the house of a woman who lived in his own village. Of these, other youths only plundered the loot amount of the suspect. Jafarpur Kalan police station has arrested three suspects. Police recovered two phones, Rs 50,000, jewelry worth lakhs and the motorcycle used in the crime from the suspect’s possession.

On May 16, Veermati, a resident of Ujjawa village in Jafarpur Kalan, complained about looting in her home. She said that her two sons live in Italy and that she lives here alone. He said that on the morning of May 16, two miscreants stormed into his house, beat him up and looted jewelry worth lakhs, two Apple mobiles and Rs 1.16 lakh from the house.

The police investigated the matter that the next day information was received about a young man lying in a bloodied state in Dabur Enclave. The police admitted the boy to the hospital. When the police examined the CCTV camera in the case of a robbery, it turned out that the suspect who looted the house and the injured found in Dabur Enclave are the same person. Later, the injured boy was identified as Sagar, a resident of Badusarai village. Police began identifying the second miscreant involved in the incident. Police identified him as Praveen, a resident of Badusarai village and arrested him. He said during the interrogation that he and Sagar had looted the woman’s house on the orders of Ravi, a resident of Ujjawa village. The police also arrested Ravi. An investigation revealed that Ravi is a drug addict. He planned a robbery to repay the loan. During the interrogation of these suspects, the details of the attack on Sagar could not be ascertained.

From CCTV footage and on-site technical investigation, the police learned that Sagar was attacked by Deepak Arora, a resident of Gurugram. The police team arrested Deepak. Deepak told that he used drugs with Sagar. Seeing a lot of money and expensive mobile phones with Sagar, he planned to kill and rob him. He called him to Dabur Enclave, got alcohol and after getting drunk, attacked him on the head with a rock. Mistaking him for dead, he fled with the money and cell phone. Police said a case has been registered against Praveen under the Vehicle Theft and Arms Act. He gets out of jail in February and Sagar is his friend. Both are addicted to drugs.

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