Delhi Assembly: Uproar from BJP MLAs over Yamuna’s plight, demand suspension of Chief Secretary

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On Wednesday, BJP MLAs twice caused a stir in the Vidhan Sabha over the issue of Yamuna’s failure to clean and the continued discharge of dirty water. During the discussion of Yamuna’s plight under Rule 280 on behalf of BJP MLA Jitendra Mahajan, the BJP MLAs caused a stir in protest against the discussion of Yamuna’s plight under Rule 54. During this meeting, Ramniwas Goyal, Chairman of the Assembly, was given six BJP MLAs out of the house through marshals.

Mahajan took part in the discussion under Article 280 in the House and said that Yamuna water has become 200 percent more polluted in eight years. This water is supplied to the public. Because of this, people suffer from serious diseases such as cancer, kidneys, liver, lungs and stomach. The central government gave Rs 2,500 crore to the Delhi government for cleaning up the Yamuna, for which the Delhi government is not accountable.

His argument was opposed by both the AAP MLAs and the speaker. This caused some commotion in the Chamber for some time. The Assembly Speaker asked him that when the central government has given Rs 2500 crore to the Delhi government. Opposition leader Ramveer Singh Bidhuri made this known after some time.

handed a bottle full of contaminated water

After discussion under Article 280 in the House and presentation of some bills on behalf of Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia, the speaker started the discussion on non-election of MCD’s mayor. In doing so, the BJP MLAs demanded a discussion under Article 54, but the speaker refused. In protest against his decision, the BJP MLA came in front of the chair with a bottle full of contaminated Yamuna water and handed over the bottle. He said that Yamuna water turned into acid. Meanwhile, the Assembly Speaker said he would have the water tested.

Claim: Health services stopped at the behest of the lieutenant governor

The Petitions Committee of the Legislative Assembly alleges that health services have been shut down by officials at the behest of the Lieutenant Governor. The commission has made a detailed investigation of the health facility. In the course of the investigation, various observations were made based on the response of the State Department and the statements of the officials, court documents and deliberations of the committee meetings.

The commission filed a report on Wednesday titled “Disruption of operation of OPD counters in government hospitals in Delhi by order of the Lieutenant Governor.” It said bureaucracy was a hindrance. This led to excessive delays in granting approval for tendering for data entry operators in OPD counters of hospitals in Delhi. At the same time, people in need of medical attention were affected.

Due to the delay in issuing tenders by the finance department, there was a lot of chaos in the hospitals, leaving thousands of poor patients without medical facilities. MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj provided information on this and said that OPD counters play an important role in patient management. The system was deliberately tampered with before the MCD elections to tarnish the Chief Minister’s image. The health and finance secretaries transferred files among themselves, ordered a personnel investigation, and the OPD counter staff were abruptly fired.

The committee has requested the President of India and the Union Ministry of Home Affairs to take cognizance of the matter and take appropriate action against the LG and the Chief Secretary. The role of the Chief Secretary in derailing the projects is under scrutiny. He is instructed to submit a report on the measures taken on the recommendations of the committee within 30 days.

Demand to suspend the Chief Secretary

MLAs from the Aam Aadmi Party caused a commotion in the Vidhansabha in the afternoon demanding the suspension of the Chief Secretary, Finance Minister and Health Minister, accusing them of obstructing the functioning of the Delhi government. This forced the speaker to suspend the meeting for 10 minutes. But even after the meeting resumed, the AAP MLAs began to cause a stir. AAP MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj said that the petition committee had summoned Delhi Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar over the stalling of several projects. On Tuesday, the chief secretary was called.

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