Delhi Assembly Session: House-to-road commotion, BJP made pollution allegations…AAP surrounded LG

एलजी के खिलाफ आप का मार्च

AAP’s march against LG
Photo: Vivek Nigam


On Monday, there was political turmoil in Delhi from the meeting to the road. The first day’s proceedings of the House were marred by ruckus. Members of the ruling party erupted and accused the lieutenant governor of interfering in the functioning of the Delhi government. At the same time, the opposition was angry for not holding a discussion on pollution. To corner the Delhi government on the issue of pollution, BJP MLAs had brought oxygen cylinders, with oxygen masks on their faces. The chairman of the meeting expressed great displeasure at his move and ordered the cylinders removed.

The situation was such that Speaker Ram Niwas Goyal had to suspend the work of the House three times an hour despite no work being done in the House. Following this, AAP MLAs led by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal marched on foot towards Raj Niwas. All the way you MLAs kept shouting slogans.

Even before the Raj Nivas, the police stopped Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and cabinet members and AAP MLAs. In doing so, the Lieutenant Governor appeared ready to meet with the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister, but the Chief Minister remained adamant about continuing with the MLAs. As a result, the two could not meet. Speaking to the media, the Chief Minister said that the people of Delhi will not tolerate dictatorship, Delhi will run through democracy. The lieutenant governor will have to obey the constitution and the orders of the Supreme Court. Delhi does not want dictatorship, but constitution and democracy, our struggle for people’s rights will continue.

Earlier, as soon as the meeting commenced, AAP MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj raised the issue of the Lieutenant Governor interfering in the functioning of the Delhi government. Meanwhile, you MLAs started making noise. They carried placards with slogans against the Lieutenant Governor in their hands. As the noise increased, the speaker suspended the meeting for 10 minutes. Saurabh Bhardwaj started speaking again on the Lieutenant Governor issue, but the AAP MLAs again caused an uproar. Therefore, the speaker announced the adjournment of the meeting for 30 minutes. Even at the beginning of the meeting for the third time, the AAP MLAs continued to chant slogans against the lieutenant governor.

This time, the speaker adjourned the meeting until Tuesday. After the meeting was adjourned, the AAP MLAs came in front of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s office and chanted slogans. After some time, the chief minister came out of his room with a placard in his hand with slogans against the lieutenant governor and started marching from the meeting grounds to the Raj Nivas along with the MLAs. You MLAs walked around with slogans against the Lieutenant Governor. All MLAs and the Prime Minister also carried placards with slogans against the Lieutenant Governor. He mainly accused the lieutenant governor of not having the teachers trained.

When the AAP MLAs turned towards Raj Niwas Marg from Shyam Nath Marg on their way to Raj Niwas, the police did not allow them to proceed. The police had set up barricades here. In doing so, the police officers informed the Raj Nivas about the march of all MLAs including the Chief Minister. Meanwhile, a message was sent from the Raj Niwas that the Chief Minister can come alone to meet the Lieutenant Governor, but the Chief Minister started talking about going along with all the MLAs, which the Raj Niwas did not approve of. After this, the Chief Minister and all MLAs returned.

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