Delhi: Arrested two Cambodian citizens with drugs worth 86 lakhs at IGI, handed over to customs

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Seized medicines
Photo: ANNI

CISF personnel deployed to Indira Gandhi International Airport have apprehended two Cambodian nationals who were smuggling drugs. Medicines worth Rs 86.40 lakh have been found in the bag of the suspect. Both have been handed over to Customs for not submitting the papers of the medicine and not giving satisfactory answers.

CISF officials said two passengers reached the check-in area around 10:12 p.m. Wednesday night. The CISF staff became suspicious after seeing the suspicious movements of the two passengers. The staff questioned them both in custody. Both were identified as Sang Manghor and Devor Savuth. Both are natives of Cambodia. He had to go to Phnom Penh via Thailand. Based on suspicion, they were separated before the security check.

Both passengers had four different bags with them. The bag was passed through the x-ray machine. There were several suspicious objects in the bag. After this, all bags were searched. A huge amount of drugs was recovered from all pockets.

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