Delhi: Appointment will be made on 126 vacant posts of Principal and Deputy Education Officer

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Lieutenant Governor of Delhi VK Saxena has become active herself to eliminate the staff shortage in the Education Department. He has agreed to reinstate 126 vacant director and deputy education officer posts. The position was vacant for more than two years. The proposal to abolish 244 director and deputy education officer posts proposed by the Department of Education has also been postponed. This post has also been vacant for the past five years.

According to the recruitment rules of the year 2013-14 to 2019 by the Directorate of Education, these 370 posts would be filled by promotion. However, none of these posts were filled by promotion and were allowed to remain vacant. Under government rules, a position that is vacant for more than two years is deemed to be vacated, and positions that are vacant for more than five years are considered to be vacated.

Raj Niwas Office believes that the post of Rector is an important position for the functioning of the Education Department and it should not be left vacant nor should it be compulsorily filled through promotion.

Lieutenant Governor Lies About Headmaster Appointment: Sisodia

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia rejected the allegations made by the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi regarding the appointment of school principals. He asked them not to politicize the issue and instead explain why they were delaying such important appointments. Said the lieutenant governor has halted the revival of 244 posts in the name of a comprehensive study. Schools run without a director and they talk about studies.

Sisodia said every school needs a principal. If there is a vacancy, it must be filled instead of studying the requirement. The files must be made public. The Lieutenant Governor must explain why he is postponing the appointment. Sisodia shared his response on Twitter, writing that the lieutenant governor is making false claims about the resurgence of school principal posts. In another tweet it is written that the posts of principals are vacant in the schools. Only the deputy director acts as principal.

This claim from the Lieutenant Governor’s office is another bundle of lies. The revival of 126 school principal posts, which had been vacated by the apathy and inaction of the AAP government, has been approved, the lieutenant governor’s office says. This is another lie from the Lieutenant Governor’s office. The fact is that the central government and the office of the lieutenant governor have been delaying the appointment of headmasters in the government schools of Delhi for more than 7 years.

Kejriwal said – the central government is fighting with everyone

Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Saturday that the BJP government is fighting with everyone in the centre. Referring to a news report about the appointment system of judges, he said the central government should not interfere in the work of others. If the central government gets into a fight with everyone, how will the country move forward? The center is also at odds with the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi. The lieutenant governor appointed by the center has a limit, but acts outside his jurisdiction.

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