Delhi: AIIMS drone cannot fly in Delhi as this decision had to be made to cancel the plan – Aiims drone cannot fly in Delhi

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The drone of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi will not be able to fly to transport human organs. AIIMS had made plans in September last year for the transportation of human organs under the Sanjeevani Plan.

The plan was to transport human organs from AIIMS Trauma Centre, AIIMS campus to hospitals in Delhi-NCR including National Institute of Cancer (NIC), Jhajjar, but as Delhi area is a no-fly zone, this plan was suspended. not get approval. In such a situation, AIIMS has decided to discontinue this arrangement.

After the cancellation of the plan, transportation of organs for organ donation and transplantation will be done on the AIIMS campus by constructing a green corridor. According to AIIMS Trauma Center sources, the project will not be able to move forward due to the non-approval of the project. Explain that in some developed countries of the world, human organs are transported by drones for transplant operations. In India, permission must be obtained from government officials.

The facility has started in South India

In South India, the transport of organs by means of drones has started. Last year, the Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, unveiled India’s first prototype drone technology for transporting human organs in Chennai.

Trauma center AIIMS receives more than ten organ donations annually

Every year, on average, more than 10 organ donations take place at AIIMS Trauma Center. Last year also more than 16 people had donated organs in AIIMS. In addition, AIIMS transplants organs obtained from the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO). AIIMS wanted to start drone service to improve and accelerate organ donation and transplantation here.

Transport can be done in less time than with a drone

Transport of human organs by drones can be faster than by air compared to road. In states other than Delhi, medical goods are transported using drones. According to the officials, with the help of drones, transport can be done at a speed of 100 to 160, while this speed is not possible by road. Roads are longer than airways.

Currently, human organs are transported by road from AIIMS to other hospitals by creating green corridors with the help of the city police. As a result, the public faces a number of inconveniences.

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