Delhi: Again stabbing in ‘crime capital’, young man killed in Bawana, injured in Sagarpur – Delhi: Again stabbing in crime capital

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A young man who worked in a factory that made cosmetic items was stabbed to death in the vicinity of Bawana on Tuesday evening. The attackers staged the incident by calling him out of the factory. An initial investigation revealed that the boy had been attacked out of enmity. After examining the CCTV cameras, the police claimed to have identified the three attackers involved in the incident. After registering the case, the police conduct a raid in search of the suspect. The deceased youth has been identified as Karan (19).

He lived with his relatives in JJ Colony and worked in Shama Cosmetics Factory, Sector 4, Bawana. At 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday night, police received information about a young man who had been stabbed to death from Maharishi Valmiki Hospital. After arriving at the hospital, the police took possession of the dead body.

During the investigation, the police came to know that the assailants had attacked Karan with a knife on his neck, chest and legs. When they arrived at the scene, the police questioned the employees, after which a helper who worked with Karan said that at 8.15 hours came out of the factory. He looked there after hearing beatings and assaults. Karan was surrounded by three or four boys and one young man furiously attacked him with a knife.

Having badly wounded him, all the suspects fled from there. Then he ran to the factory and called people there and took the injured Karan to the hospital. Where the doctors pronounced him dead. The factory guard said that a boy had come to call Karan. When Karan came out of the factory, the boy took him with him. Police officials said three attackers came to the factory during the CCTV investigation. They have been identified and efforts are underway to arrest them.

Young man stabbed with knife in dispute over bicycle removal

On the other hand, in the dispute over removing the bicycle from the road in Sagarpur, the attackers adopted a young man with a knife. The boy is being treated at a nearby hospital. The victim was returning after attending a wedding ceremony with his friends when the incident happened. After receiving information about the incident, the police arrived at the scene and admitted the injured youth to a nearby hospital. On the statement of the victim, the police reported an attempted murder. The police have arrested three suspects. The injured youth has been identified as Krishna.

He lives in Gitanjali Park with his father Dhanpal Singh and other relatives. Police received information about an argument and brawl at number six Shivpuri Street at 11:30 PM on Tuesday evening. Police found no one at the scene. On inquiry it turned out that during the argument a young man had been attacked with a knife, who was taken to the hospital by his friends.

The injured person was identified as Krishna at the hospital. He said that on Tuesday night he went to his friend Prince’s wedding ceremony along with his four friends Prateek, Siddharth, Rishi and Rohit. All processions returned from home at night. Some boys parked their bicycles in the middle of the road at Number Six Shivpuri Street.

When he asked to take the bike away, they got into an argument. Then everyone started fighting. In doing so, a young man named Sourav attacked him with a knife. After carrying out the incident, they all fled from there. The police took action and the next day arrested the accused Sourav Singh, a resident of Geetanjali Park, Jitendra and Suraj, a resident of Shivpuri. Police have recovered the knife and two bicycles used in the incident.

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