Delhi: After Supreme Court decision process of mayoral election started, municipal corporation sent file to Delhi government – Mcd sent file to Delhi government for mayoral election


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Shortly after the decision of the Supreme Court, the mayoral election process began. The company has sent the file to the Urban Development Department of the Delhi Government for holding the election of the mayor. Now this file is sent to the Lieutenant Governor (LG). It is expected that the dossier will be sent to the LG office by the Delhi government itself on Saturday and a formal seal will also be affixed on the dates of the election of the mayor from their side. The court has ordered that the convocation for the first meeting of the company must be made within 24 hours. In the order, the court also said that the mayor must be elected at the corporation’s first meeting. After the election, the deputy mayor is elected under the chairmanship of the mayor and six members of the standing committee.

After intervention by the court, it is expected that this time the mayor will be elected in the House of Representatives. Under MCD’s rules, the election of the mayor is announced at least three days in advance. On the other hand, the MCD has now sent the dossier for holding the mayoral elections to the Delhi government. Now it will be interesting to see what dates the Delhi government recommends to the LG regarding the dates of the elections and the LG gives its consent to this. For the time being, one thing has been made clear in every election by the court’s ruling that the nominated councilors (aldermen) will not vote in the mayoral election. Now the Aam Aadmi Party’s upper hand is expected to be heavier than the BJP in the election of the mayor.

Elections held on December 4, first meeting after a month before the mayoral election

The MCD elections were on December 4. The counting of the votes took place on 7 December. Out of 250 wards, Aam Aadmi Party won 134 wards. The BJP won 104 wards, while the Congress only got nine seats. On 6 January, almost a month after the election results, a meeting of the House of Representatives was convened for the mayoral election. On this day, Aam Aadmi Party opposed the presiding officer’s decision to give the oath to the nominated councilors first, there was a commotion in the house and the presiding officer adjourned the house indefinitely.

The second meeting also ended in a tumult

By order of the LG, another house meeting was called for the mayoral election on January 24. Nominees and councilors were sworn in on this day, but as soon as one of the AAP councilors wanted to talk to the corporation secretary by climbing on the podium, the BJP councilors vehemently opposed it. Once again, the House was adjourned indefinitely. The Aam Aadmi Party marked its presence in the House by doing a count for the media and proved its majority and also organized a sit-in in the House itself. On the other hand, BJP’s mayoral candidate Rekha Gupta also alleged that she misbehaved and she too was sitting on a dharna outside the house.

Uproar over voting two MLAs

On February 6, an assembly of the house was convened for the third time to hold the mayoral election. Presiding Officer Satya Sharma announced simultaneous elections for mayor, deputy mayor and six standing committee members. At the same time, he announced the participation of nominated councilors in the mayoral elections. AAP MLA Mahendra Goyal opposed this. On the other hand, BJP corporator Shikha Rai told the presiding officer that two AAP MLAs Akhilesh Pati Tripathi and Sanjeev Jha have been punished by the court, both are ineligible to vote in the mayoral elections. The presiding officer backed him up and asked both AAP MLAs to leave the house. After this, the clamor increased and the presiding officer adjourned the proceedings of the House indefinitely.

Four meetings failed

The House meeting was convened for the fourth time for the mayoral election on February 16, but before that, Shelly Oberoi, the mayoral candidate of the Aam Aadmi party, reached the court on the election issue. On February 15, it was self-decided that the election of the mayor would not take place on the 16th. The new dates for the mayoral election are now expected to be announced on Saturday. The Aam Aadmi Party has appointed Shaili Oberoi, co-founder of East Patel Nagar, and the BJP has appointed Rekha Gupta, member of Shalimar Bagh-B chapter as its mayoral candidate.

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