Delhi accused of stealing Haridwar Mla’s house jumped third floor

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A suspect who came to New Ashok Nagar to retrieve goods held at the Bahadarabad Police Station in Haridwar jumped from the third floor of the building. He was immediately taken to Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital. Where the doctors pronounced him dead. Ashok Nagar New Police Station has registered a case and is investigating the case. The police performed an autopsy on the dead body and handed it over to the next of kin.

Police officials said goods worth lakhs of rupees were stolen from the office of former Haridwar MLA Suresh Rathore a week ago. It had a lot of stuff, including expensive watches, glasses and laptops. Started the investigation by reporting a case of theft at Haridwar Police Station in Bahadarabad. The former MLA expressed doubts about the old clerk. The police arrested the suspect Ankit. Before becoming addicted to drugs, the MLA was fired about eight months ago.

Ankit Mohalla was a resident of Lohari Sarai, Bijnor UP. Amrita Gugulot, deputy police commissioner of the eastern district, said Ankit was arrested in the theft case by Haridwar police station in Bahadarabad. During the interrogation, the accused told that he had kept the stolen goods in the house of his girlfriend who lived in New Ashok Nagar police station in Delhi. The Bahadarabad Police Station had reached New Ashok Nagar with the defendant on the morning of 19 January. The sub-inspector accompanying the suspect requested assistance from the New Ashok Nagar Police Station. At the request of the sub-inspector, two officers from the Delhi Police were sent to the scene to assist him. The police raided a building at Kaushik Building, Sunday Bazar, Old Kondli, Delhi at the request of the accused for retrieval of the stolen goods.

It is narrated that after reaching the third floor, Ankit pushed Officer Virendra Chauhan from Bahadarabad Police Station and started running away from police custody. In doing so, he jumped from the third floor of the building. Ankit was taken to hospital with serious injuries, where he was pronounced dead. A case has been registered at New Ashok Nagar Police Station on the complaint of Sub-Inspector Ashok Sirswal of Bahadarabad Police Station. The information of the incident has been given to the relatives of the deceased and the SDM. A medical committee has been formed for post-mortem examination at GTB Hospital.

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