Delhi: 9-year-old girl got epilepsy from the smell of henna

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Girls often worry about applying henna, but a case has emerged where a nine-year-old girl experienced epileptic seizures after applying henna. When this matter reached the doctors, they too were surprised. This was an unusual case. Even the doctors couldn’t understand it in the early days. In fact, a nine-year-old girl, who started having epileptic seizures after applying henna, reached the neurology ward of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi.

The study is published in the new issue of Clinical Neurophysiology. In this case, the girl felt cramps in her body after applying henna. She fell and was unconscious for 20 seconds. His consciousness suddenly disappeared for a while. A year later, after applying henna, she had two similar attacks. Some time ago, she came to Sir Gangaram Hospital for treatment.

In this regard, Dr. PK Sethi that this is an unusual case of reflex epilepsy. In this case, epileptic seizures are continuously provoked by a certain smell, while other epileptic seizures are usually not provoked. Mehendi was applied on the patient’s right hand in the hospital. Henna has a very distinctive earthy scent. As soon as the henna-stained hand was brought near the patient’s chest, he started having epileptic seizures. The patient became restless. His hands and feet spasmed and his eyes went up.

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