Delhi: 250-year-old Safdarjung tomb of Mughals will be changed before G-20, tourism gets a boost; Read History – Safdarjung Tomb Being Rejuvenated Unique Specimen Latest Architecture Of Mughal Sultanate

Safdarjung Tomb is being rejuvenated unique specimen last architecture of Mughal Sultanate

Safdarganj Tomb
Photo: Archive photo


The mausoleum of Safdarjung, the last target of the Mughals, is being rejuvenated in the capital Delhi. The 250-year-old mausoleum is being renovated and this will allow the tourists who come here to see its new appearance. Safdarjung Tomb, a unique example of the last architecture of the Mughal Sultanate, is being rejuvenated. The condition of this more than 250-year-old historic mausoleum is being improved by repairing the main dome. The yellowed and damaged bricks are removed and replaced with new ones.

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