Delhi: 200 People Defrauded By Giving Fake Insurance Policies, Police Arrested Four Suspects – Delhi 200 People Defrauded By Giving Fake Insurance Policies

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In Delhi, four members of the gang who cheated under the pretext of offering vehicle insurance at a low price have been arrested by the Outer District Cyber ​​Police Station. The arrested suspects have been identified as Satish Kumar Sharma (36), Sunil Gupta (42), Ishant Mahaya alias Ishu (34) and Amit (22). All the suspects are residents of different places in Delhi. The police recovered five mobile phones, a laptop, bank cards and a huge amount of documents belonging to the suspect. Satish said the gang has defrauded lakhs of rupees by handing fake policies to more than 200 people.

Harendra Kumar Singh, deputy police commissioner of the Outer District, said a woman had filed a complaint for defrauding in the past. A caller asked to insure his car for just Rs 7,000, which was far less than the market rate. The victim fell for the hoax and got the insurance done. It later turned out that the policy was fake. On the victim’s complaint, the police filed a report and launched an investigation. During the investigation, the number from which the call came in and the accounts to which the money was transferred were examined. After this, the police arrested Amit. With his account which mobile number was in Inshat’s name.

The police also caught Ishant. Ishant said that he sold Sunil for 20 thousand by opening an account in the name of friend Amit. The police also caught Sunil after interrogation. The debit card of the bank account used in the fraud has been recovered from him. Later, Satish Kumar Sharma was also arrested. After questioning, Satish said he had worked in the call center. He knew very well how to cheat in the name of insurance. He himself trapped people by calling. The call was made using a SIM card drawn on a fake address. The gang has so far swindled lakhs of rupees from 200 people.

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