Delhi: 18 signs of new injuries were found on the body, including the genitals of the innocent, revealed by the medical report

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In RKpuram, more than 18 traces of new injuries have been found on the body, including genitals of a seven-year-old innocent victim. This is according to the medical report that the police received. The report revealed that the girl also had bite marks on her genitals. However, physical abuse of the girl has not been confirmed. The girl had accused brother Johnny of sexual assault and obscene acts.

According to the South-Western District Police, the medical report found more than 18 new injuries on the girl’s body. These are the injuries that are visible. All injuries are on the back, below the waist, hands and neck etc. on the child’s body. There are many traces of old injuries on the child’s body. There are many wounds that have healed. From fear, the child suffered for a long time. When the pain could not be tolerated by him, he told the school teacher.

The girl was then hospitalized. The girl was hospitalized on February 12. Via the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), the girl had lodged a complaint with the police station of RK Puram on 9 February. In the absence of explanation, the police registered an FIR on February 10. The girl is staying in the children’s home under the supervision of the COR. It is told that the girl gets scared while sleeping and starts crying after getting up. The police keep a close eye on the girl.

The girl told about the brutality in court

According to police officials, the girl recounted the ordeal that befell her in court. Statement under CrPC 164 was recorded in the girl’s court. The girl made the same statements in court that she made before registering the FIR. The girl told the court that the injury to her lips was caused by a fall from the swing.

Mom used to hit Dad too

The girl has told that when Renu fought, father Anand Kumar came to rescue her. At this, Renu hit her father as well. In such a situation, father rarely came to rescue him. The accused Renu has gone into hiding with her husband. However, the girl has not made any allegations against Anand. Police officials say raids are being made in Delhi-NCR and UP to catch the woman.

Used to fight for disobedience

Johnny was only arrested by RKpuram police station after registering an FIR. During the interrogation, the suspect had said that the girl did not listen to him. The girl says that Johnny tied his hands from behind and hung on the fan. He did this many times. The investigation revealed that the suspect Renu and Johnny had adopted the girl because they did not have a daughter and sister. The suspect had started fighting with the girl from the beginning. The child was not even allowed to meet her real parents.

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