Concerns over China’s claim

Concern over China's claim

If real Chinese researchers managed to crack every online encryption (password) in the world, then all countries will be concerned about it. What China is claiming is that it has obtained secret documents from another country. According to reports published in Western media, a scientific research paper was published in China at the end of December. It lists the method by which the RSA algorithm can be broken. This work can be done with a quantum computer of only 372 qubits. This capability was developed by 24 researchers from various academic institutions and government laboratories in China. Computer security experts in the West have said this is a huge claim. If this claim is true, he believes it is one of the greatest events in the history of computer science. These experts have accepted that the theory mentioned in the Chinese research paper has merit. But whether China is able to break RSA in practice according to this theory is doubtful.
It has been pointed out that this seems difficult to do in practice with the current capabilities of quantum technology. According to Peter Shore, a scientist at MIT, Chinese researchers have not said how fast their algorithm will work. As long as such an analysis does not emerge, there will be cause for doubt. Shor is a well-known name in the world of algorithms. In 1994 he designed an algorithm that could break computer encryption. But breaking computer coding with his method would require millions of qubits. The quantum computers that exist to date do not have this capability. Last year, however, German mathematician Klaus Peter Schnorr also published an algorithm that he claimed was more capable of breaking RSA codes. But later it turned out that this method does not work in practice. Perhaps this is also the reality of the Chinese claim!

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