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complex problem, difficult solution

After Joshimath in Uttarakhand, there is news that cracks have appeared in many houses in Karnprayag as well. In Joshimath, it has been decided to demolish the buildings that have developed cracks. Dozens of families have been evacuated from this Himalayan town to safer places. But this is only a temporary solution. It is not possible to compensate someone who is suddenly robbed of their home. The general picture is that this problem is much more serious and widespread. Experts have said Joshimath’s slopes are made of debris from landslides. Therefore, the city can only bear the weight of the buildings to a certain extent. In May last year itself, the sound of water flowing from under a house could be heard. Noticed a small crack in the floor of the house in September. In December it widened and residents had to leave their homes. The story is the same for hundreds of other houses. For some time now, cracks have begun to appear in these houses. Cracks were found in about 700 houses, after which 400 people were transferred to safer places.
According to the administration, many buildings have been found unsafe to live in. In the general discussion it is emphasized that this situation is the result of ecological degradation by development projects. The companies whose projects are active in this field include the state-owned thermal energy company NTPC. NTPC, the country’s largest energy producer, says the tunnels and other projects it is building are not responsible for the Joshimath crisis. Yet environmentalists project such projects as villains. But what’s the solution? After all, consuming modern development and the facilities it provides is the desire of the populace everywhere and every class. Therefore, the problem must be considered in its full complexity. It must be examined which precautions can be taken to make the projects relatively safer.

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