‘Childhood’ restricted to balcony: 60% of children who come to AIIMS injured by fall from balcony, innocents trapped in houses by flat system – 60% of children who come to Aiims trauma center injured by a fall from the balcony

60 Percent of children coming to AIIMS trauma center injured by falling from balcony

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The negligence committed towards small children playing on balcony, ladder and height takes away their lives. 60% of the children who fall from a height and who come for treatment at the trauma center in AIIMS, are injured after a fall from a balcony. Most of these children have severe head injuries. While many children end up in very serious condition. Many of these serious children die during treatment, while these children can be saved with a little vigilance. In such a situation, AIIMS has decided to launch the Safe Balcony campaign to prevent the sharp kids from getting hurt.

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