Budget 2023: Clean fuel will improve climate of Delhi-NCR which is expected to get major relief from pollution

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Clean fuel will improve the climate of Delhi-NCR. It is expected to provide great relief from the choking pollution and increase ease in traffic. The provisions in the Union budget for the year 2023-2024 will contribute to reducing pollution in Delhi-NCR. Lower customs duties on battery storage and equipment used in e-vehicles, especially lithium-ion batteries, will drive down e-vehicle prices. At present, an average of 50 percent of the cost of e-vehicles is spent on batteries.

The booster dose given in the clean fuel vehicle budget is expected to accelerate the pace of e-vehicle increase in Delhi-NCR. This makes traveling easier and also increases the facilities. Experts appreciate the provisions made in the Union budget, but describe the steps taken in the field of green mobility. He says its effect will be visible over the next four to five years.

Due to its battery storage capacity, it can be used in industrial units, agriculture, DG sets and other equipment in addition to vehicles. Hereby, after the end of the first life of the batteries in the vehicles, they can also use them for the second time. After 80% use in vehicles, the battery storage facility can be used again via Second Life. Hydrogen trucks and buses will also be launched to enable vehicles to run on green hydrogen technology.

– Pawan Mulukutla, WRI

The tax on lithium ions has been reduced from 21 to 13%. This will reduce the cost of batteries, which will also reduce the cost of e-vehicles. The battery accounts for an average of 50% of the total cost of any electric vehicle. As a result, the costs of e-vehicles are currently high. Extending the subsidy for another year will also give e-vehicles a chance to make waves. NCR leads from other states of the country after already recording growth in e-vehicles.

Moushumi Mohanty, Senior Program Manager, Center for Science and Environment

Clean mobility has been given special priority in the budget. This has given impetus to traditional transportation options as well as environmental clean initiatives to reduce pollution. Vehicle owners will benefit from the reduction in the cost of batteries and energy storage facilities, including the advancement of EV infrastructure. Green mobility will also be stimulated through the Hydrogen Mission Programme, the Green Credit Programme.

Sewa Ram, Head of Department (Transport Planning), School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi

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