Budget 2023: Burdens on head of house and housewives have not increased, housing budget is expected to improve

घर पर बजट देखता कन्हैया का परिवार...

Kanhaiya’s family keeps an eye on the budget at home…
– Photo: Amar Ujala

If the middle-class families are satisfied with the overall budget, then the working people and the retired elderly have expressed their joy. Housewives said that the government has taken a better step by not increasing additional burdens. People expect the cost of food to fall. This improves the budget of their home and people get relief. Regarding the budget, the heads of some families of Delhi kept their point like this…

Being a middle class family, the budget is good. The family consists of two sons, daughter and wife. The expectation is that the gas bottle will become cheaper and the price of bicycles, mobile telephones, TVs, etc. will fall. There will be relief from government decisions made in the interests of middle-class families. The cost of household items such as flour, legumes, rice, oil, etc. will be lower. At present, the family spends about Rs 15,000 every month on food and drink. The government promotes electric vehicles and if the price of petrol also goes down a bit, the freight will go down and the goods will become cheaper.

– Kanhaiya Pandey, Laxmi Nagar

The government has decided to give tax exemption to the elderly with incomes up to seven lakhs, this is a big step. Older people aged 75 and older do not have to file a return under the new tax system. However, the government has not corrected by increasing the tax on gold and silver. Because of this, people will now hesitate to give gold and silver to their sisters and daughters. Middle-class women have their jewelry as their capital.

– G. K. Anand, Pandav Nagar, Shadipur

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