Big upset at the Australian Open, women’s number one Iga Svitek out – lost in straight sets to Elena

Big upset in Australia Open, number one female player Iga Swiatek out – Elena defeated in straight sets

Melbourne, 22 January. In the Australian Open 2023, after the men’s, the reversal phase has also started in the women’s singles. The world number one female tennis player Inga Svitek is out of the Australian Open. She lost to Elena Rybakina 4-6, 4-6 in the fourth round of women’s singles on Sunday. Ryabkina has caused a big upset by defeating the number one player in women’s singles. Switek was also the top ranked female player in this tournament. Wimbledon champion Ribanica has made a strong case to win the title by reaching the quarterfinals. Earlier in this tournament, top seed Rafael Nadal and second seed Casper Rude were eliminated from the men’s singles. Apart from these two, Andy Murray and Daniil Medvedev have also been eliminated from this competition. In the match that lasted for one hour and 29 minutes, Rybnika from Kazakhstan played an excellent game and claimed to win the title by knocking Svitek out of the competition. presented. The Kazakhstan player, who won the US Open last year, said it was a really tough match.

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