Bareilly: Sharia council decision – Now three text messages are also needed for triple talaq – Sharia council decision – now three text messages are also needed for triple talaq

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Now three text messages will also have to be sent for triple talaq. This decision was taken at the meeting of the Sharia Council in Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat. The municipality has justified hair transplantation.

In a meeting chaired by Qazi-e-Hindustan Mufti Asjad Raza Khan Qadri, Ulama said SMS is also a means of expression like letters and books. Just as the letter and the book have the status of Kalam, so does the SMS. Even if it is a message sent via WhatsApp.

As for business through SMS or WhatsApp, the Ulama said it is valid. It is also fine to pay Zakat via online transfer, although the SMS must reach it. While justifying the hair transplant, the Ulama called it unlawful to fix (shave) the hairs of the eyebrows by plucking them.

Although it is justified to trim the eyebrows. Jamaat-Raza-Mustafa National Secretary General Farman Mian said this decision was made according to Shariat at the three-day seminar.

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