Ban Diesel Cars: BS3 Petrol, BS4 Diesel Cars Banned Again In Delhi, Violation Will Bring Heavy Fine – Diesel Cars Banned In Delhi Ncr Bs3 Petrol Cars Banned In Delhi Latest News In Hindi

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Delhi has again banned BS3 Petrol (BS3 Petrol) and BS4 Diesel (BS4 Diesel) cars from Tuesday. The ban is temporary, but was necessary after a spike in pollution levels in the country’s capital in recent days. The ban will apply at least until Thursday 12 January. The ban could be extended if pollution levels do not drop over the next three days. A similar ban was introduced last month after pollution levels increased around the Delhi NCR region.

The Delhi government on Monday decided to ban these cars on the basis of Phase III of the revised GRAP and the directions given in Section 115 of the Motor Vehicles Act. The order issued by the Delhi Transport Department said, “Effective immediately, BS3 petrol and BS4 diesel LMVs (quadricycles) are permitted in the National Capital Territory of Delhi until the date of 12 January 2023, or until the downward revision at the GRAP stage, whichever is earlier.” whichever is earlier, the ban remains in effect (except for vehicles used for emergency services, police vehicles and government vehicles used for enforcement).

According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the pollution level on the Air Quality Index (AQI) in Delhi has risen to 434 on Monday, more than 60 points on Sunday. The order from the Delhi Transport Department further states that the sub-committee has “recommended all planned actions under GRAP – Stage III of ‘severe’ air quality (Delhi AQI between 401-450) across the NCR by all concerned agencies.” implemented. with immediate effect.”

Anyone who violates the imposed restriction will be prosecuted on certain parts of the Motor Vehicles Act and must pay a very high fine. The Delhi government decree states that BS3 petrol and BS4 diesel cars sailing until Thursday will be prosecuted under section 194(1) of the Motor Vehicles Act which imposes a fine of Rs 20,000.

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