Akanksha’s request: Uncle save my father and brother, husband and innocent got dumped for princess – Man and innocent got dumped for princess in Delhi

घटना के बाद बिलखती बच्चे की मां

The child’s mother cried after the incident
– Photo: Amar Ujala


The work of installing block tiles on Rohtak Road was underway in the capital Delhi at midnight. The princess went to pick up a tile that was lying on the side of the road. Suddenly a loud voice sounded. She saw an uncontrollable dumper arrive at high speed and overturn in front of the princess on her husband and son and other workers. There was chaos on site. The princess ran to the dumpster. She began begging to get her husband and son out from under the dump truck. But no one was able to do anything even if they wanted to.

The case has been reported to the police. After about 40 minutes, apart from the police, the fire brigade and the rest of the rescue team arrived. After an hour, the crushed dead body of her husband and child Anuj came out in front of the princess, she lost consciousness. Crying on Saturday, the princess’s innocent daughter, Akanksha, just said to the police officers, “Uncle, please call my father and brother.”

Rajkumari’s brother-in-law Arvind told that his family lives in Maurani, Patwa, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. Prabhu Dayal is an elderly father in the village. He himself works as a laborer in Najafgarh. Younger brother Hariom alias Killu did tile work in Anand Parvat with wife Rajkumari and two children Anuj and Akanksha. The family lived in a tent in a nearby park. Crying, Arvind told that his brother and cousin had died in the accident.

The family of victim couple Ramesh and Sonam lives in Shahpur village, Tikamgarh Madhya Pradesh. They have three children Nand Lal (10), Prachi (8) and Aarti (6). To take care of the children, the couple had left their three children with their grandparents in the village with stones on their hearts. In Ramesh’s village, his father is Ram Swaroop Ahirwar, mother Munia Bai and a brother is Lala Ram.

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