Aims of Delhi: Cancer patients can receive treatment at home, palliative care is available using the app

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Cancer patients undergoing treatment at AIIMS will be given the opportunity to sit at home. AIIMS has prepared an app for the treatment of already registered patients.

The palliative care facility is made available using an app called Palliative Care. Cancer patients can write symptoms in the app at home. The doctor will refer to this information after seeing. In this regard, Dr. Professor Rakesh Garg from AIIMS Onco Anesthesia Department that many cancer patients come to the hospital for follow-up with such issues that we can consult them at home through the app.

Such patients do not have to come to the hospital unnecessarily. If we feel that the patient should be called to the hospital, we can arrange the same time and ask him to come to the hospital. Using the app, a message to take medication is also sent to the patient’s phone so that the medication is not missed and the treatment is not affected.

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